CA Health and Safety Code 1257.7 (Formerly AB 508) classes have had overwhelming success. Classes are offered in 8, 6, 4, 3, and 2 hour training
seminars depending on the organizations needs. The classes target “at-risk and all patient care" staff". 

All courses comply with the mandates of the California Health and Safety Code and Labor Code OSHA (State and Federal) and certifying agencies such as The Joint Commission and DNV GL Healthcare. 

Courses are tailored for each Organization and will include a review of site specific security codes and safety issues.

Restraint Techniques for controlling aggressive/combative individuals that actually work are instructed where mandated by law or necessity due to the environment.

All classes and online training programs are designed to be fully compliant with the new Labor Code 6401.8 and CalOsha Title 8 Ch 4 3342