Proper Authorities and Mark Mooring are Security Industry recognized experts in all aspects of Use of Force.  Security Officers and companies are being requested/required to provide a higher level of security response due to increased vulnerability and limited capability of law enforcement.  Use of Force by security officers has become more prevalent and often expected as the role of security is expanding.

Proper Authorities has guided security companies and businesses with proprietary security by developing Use of Force Policies and Procedures supported by comprehensive Use of Force Programs.

Proper Authorities developed, delivered and continues work on Use of Force with a security company with over 80,000 guards.  Proper Authorities acts as an “independent review” for all Use of Force reports for the company.

Use of Force Programs developed and implemented include:

Use of Force Reporting
Use of Force Review Process and documentation
Use of Force Training
Less than Lethal Force Options
Arrest, Handcuffing and Searching
Chemical Agents (OC)
Rapid Response Teams (RRT) – deployed with tactical rifles and shotgun