Founder and President


Proper Authorities LLC                          Founder & President (1993-Present)
Crime Prevention, Loss Prevention, Safety/Security Assessments, Workplace Violence Prevention, Personal Safety, Sexual Harassment, Threat Assessments and Managing Assaultive Behavior.  Developed comprehensive Use of Force Policies and Programs. Developed and delivered Workplace Violence Programs.  

Services also include, confidential investigations involving use of force, theft, stalking, harassment, fraud, hazardous conditions, threats, and drug use.  Developed and delivered Security Officer specific training, including tactics and firearm safety.

Utilized by more than 70 organizations/companies for expertise in Security Assessments, Security Plans, and Training.  Trained over 35,000 staff in programs personally developed to be compliant with California Health and Safety code 1257.7&8, OSHA and Workplace Violence/Security, Active Shooter and related subjects.

Chief of Protective Services                    Santa Clara County Valley Medical Center (1998-2006)
Completely re-designed and implemented a comprehensive security program, which includes all facets of Security Plan Development, Staff Development, Policies, Training, Recruitment, Personnel Management and daily security operations, associated with a large County Hospital.

Los Angeles Police Department

22 years (1972-1994) Sergeant II - 17 years
Patrol, Metro, Special Investigations, Internal Affairs
Developed, and Officer in Charge of, Suspect Search Dogs - K-9 Unit

Expert Witness
Use of force, lawful arrests, security deployment, tactics, supervision, management, policies and procedures, less than lethal options and training.  Premise liability, negligent staffing, sufficiency of security measures, negligent hiring, training and retention.

Education and work experience specifically in the workplace security, and safety field.  Instrumental in developing programs, that are responsive to OSHA, The Joint Commission (TJC), and other legislated or recommended security programs. 


  • Masters of Public Administration (MPA) with specialty in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery - University of Southern California

  • Bachelor of Science - Business Administration - with specialty in Personnel Management and Training - University of Southern California

Board Certifications:

  • Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

  • Certified HealthCare Protection Administrator (CHPA)





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