Our team of seasoned experts have experience in all types of workplace investigations. We have a high success rate and will work with your organization to solve any workplace related problems no matter what the size or complexity of the case. All of our investigators have extensive law enforcement careers, so you will be confident knowing they will work with you in a professional and timely manner.

Stolen Identity
Perhaps an Organization’s worse nightmare in relation to client confidentiality issues. Proper Authorities’ seasoned investigators were able to work with several different victims, police agencies, and consumer companies to identify and apprehend the perpetrators who were subsequently prosecuted. The successful action avoided litigation for the Organization.

Threatening Behavior
A Hospital patient was angered by his treatment (which was in accordance with all guidelines) and began a barrage of letters, with veiled threats. The letters made staff feel very uneasy. Our investigators, who are nationally recognized experts in Threat Assessments, conducted an investigation and were successful in developing a corporate approach that protected staff and met the future medical needs of the patient.

Stolen and Altered Checks
A criminal subject obtained legitimate checks from the Company and had a number of suspects cash the checks. Proper Authorities, LLC worked with the U.S. Secret Service to identify the lead suspect in the counterfeit check ring. The criminal had been responsible for numerous fraudulent checks from the Company and other large corporations.

Sexual Harassment
Our staff responded immediately to a claim by three women of Sexual Harassment. The lead investigator assigned was a seasoned female Detective. Within three days the case was thoroughly investigated and documented. The preliminary report assisted Hospital Administration in making sound and reasonable decisions.

There have been numerous theft investigations. While often difficult to prove, our investigators were successful in many of the cases. The cases included, undercover work, surveillance, use of covert cameras, and in-depth interviews. Property was recovered. Perpetrators were terminated and prosecuted.